GFCT is a co-brand owner of Stream Trail and serves as a product creator of Goody Grams, and believes the possibilities of the two brands in the world. At the same time, we believe that Asian creative mind can have a possibility to take an initiative of the world market. On the top page of our website, our company mission statement is shown

“Go from Asia to the world with our creative mind and profound wisdom.”

“Deliver Asian brands to international market from morning to night.”

We have felt so sad when we realize there are very limited numbers of internationally well known Asian brands, other than Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese brands. We have noticed there are more products under Asian brands should have been well recognized. GFCT knows that we are so small at this moment, but we have decided to create a new value in the world with our brands. We have been just starting our challenge.

Please cross your fingers for our success!