ST Outfitters Bangkok

    Opened in December 2012 as the Stream Trail’s second flagship store, ST Outfitters Bangkok under management of GFCT Co., Ltd. has been serving for international tourists to Thailand as well as residents in Bangkok. As a well-known tourist hub, Bangkok is one of the most popular places to enjoy the urban life and access a wide range of outdoor activities, such as surfing, fishing, diving, golfing, and trekking so that the store offers all the Stream Trail products from its well-known waterproof bags to its recently released products, business bags and travel accessories under its theme “for an Active Life for Active Person”. With its space of 1,200 square meters, it will maintain the biggest showroom of the brand in the world. It offers its specialty coffee at the FinsFins Café attached to the store. You can touch and feel “Stream Trail”. Visit us!

66/2 Soi Duangpitak (Soi Sukhumvit 2), Klong Toei, Klong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
TEL : 02-656-8811-3 Ext.200 / 081-456-0366 / 081-910-2605
URL : www.facebook.com/streamtrailthailand