What is Stream Trail?

Launched since 2009, Stream Trail (ST) is a Japanese brand of simple and practical waterproof bag designed for travel and daily activities. Designed from Japan and manufactured in Thailand, ST are engineered for comfort, convenience, and generous space with high quality & unique design. Hence, ST waterproof bags are durable and affordable quality products


What Stream Trail Product is made from?

Stream Trail (ST) product is made from “Tarpaulin”. The bottom and sides are being thermal bound for waterproofing. Durability is ensured by 190 pounds of stretch tests. Tested in the tropical heavy rain and high humidity, ST product is “Monsoon Quality”, perfect for tough conditions.


Why choose Stream Trail?

• 100% waterproof bag & washable (but not with lacquer thinner).

• High durability & affordable quality products with unique design.

• Several models with variety of colors for multi-purpose usage. “Anyone, Anywhere with ST”